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Brain Riddles in English

Name an invention that enables a person to look right through walls?
Are you Smart then try...😜 πŸ˜›
How much soil will be there in a hole measuring 5 feet depth and 3 feet wide?...😜 πŸ˜›
A man fell from a 45 meter ladder, bud did not get hurt. How?
Think Bro Think...😜 πŸ˜›
It was a garden consisting of stunning peacocks. They were healthy, happy and energetic. Now if five peacocks were to lay 20 eggs in 20 days, then how many peacocks are required to lay 45 eggs in 25 days?...😜 πŸ˜›
Tanu’s mother had four children. The first baby was named Tanu-X. The second baby was named Tanu-Y. The fourth child was named Tanu-Z.
What was the name of the third child?...😜 πŸ˜›
Name three keys that cannot open any doors ?
Are you Know... 😜 πŸ˜›
Two girls played and completed 3 games of chess. Each of them won same number of games and there wasn’t any tie in any game.
How did it happen?...😜 πŸ˜›
Mr. Sharma has 3 daughters. Each daughter has a brother.
Now, tell me how many children Mr. Sharma has?...😜 πŸ˜›
In Goa you cannot take a photograph of a man with a plastic leg. Why?
Are you Know...😜 πŸ˜›
What is a word comprise of 4 letters, stills is also made of 6. Occasionally written with 12 letters and later with 5. Never written with 5 but happily with 7.😜 πŸ˜›
When you read a word normally or upside down, it remains the same. Name the word!
Are you Know...😜 πŸ˜›
Daniel was born the next day of Christmas, on December 26.
However, his birthday always fall on hot and dry summer. Why and How?...😜 πŸ˜›
You are driving a bus. Six people entered the bus and Two got off at the first stop. Seven girls entered the bus and Two girls got off the bus at the college stop. Later nine old men along with one couples entered the bus.
What was the color of the driver’s eyes?...😜 πŸ˜›
You can see a Black House on your left and a Blue House on your right, a warming and Red House on your front.
Then where is the white house?😜 πŸ˜›
If 7 men takes around 2 hours to dig 5 holes, how long will it take for 3 men to dig half a hole?...😜 πŸ˜›

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