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Life SMS, Message, Beautiful, Sad, Love, English SMS Collection

Life SMS in English

There is always someone in everyone's life.
whose mood Affects your smile. 😎 😎
life's about taking chances
if you don't take that chance to keep what you got then you'll regret what you've lost... 😎 😎
I wish your life be soft as silk, white as milk, sweet as honey nd full of MONEY.
May all ur dreams come true, this wish is only for you 😎 😎
love only one forever
love lives forever
love only one forever
and live happily forever... 😎 😎
Life is wonder live thing
life is wonder live thing
enjoy with every lovely thing
be safe from all evil thing
days will be bright from everything... 😎 😎
There are four questions of value in life
What is sacred ?
Of what is the spirit made ?
What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for?
The answer to each is the same. Only love... 😎 😎
Life a rope
That swings us through hope
Always believe today is better than yesterday
Tomorrow will be much better than today... 😎 😎
You'll Never Be Brave
If You Don't Get Hurt
You'll Never Learn
If You Don't Make Mistake
You'll Never Be Successful
If You Don't Encounter Failure... 😎 😎
What is life?
I believe that -
Life is an opportunity to create a meaning... 😎 😎
Life is like a giant puzzle, everyday we struggle to find its pieces to make it into a complete picture... 😎 😎
To die for failure in life is not a big thing,
to live with that pain with smile forever is the greatest achievement... 😎 😎
Respect doesn't come with Age,
You have to earn it by your behavior... 😎 😎
Life is like water, if you block one side, it takes other turn to continue its journey.
so don’t stop your journey with one failure !... 😎 😎

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